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 About Active Singles

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Find Fitness Friends Fast!

Whether you are seeking others for friendship, romance, or both, you can find them here at Active Singles!  You have found your way to a fit, healthy, and active lifestyle, you can now find others that have a passion for the great outdoors, adventure, and all things active!  For some, this means just starting out on a new life-path, for others, it’s more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and a passion that commands discipline, time and focus - this means early to bed and early to rise; a strict routine - no staying up all night for these people!  Wherever you are on the activity spectrum, it is our pleasure, and our priority, to create and service an online environment that is safe, easy for you to use, and enables people like you - people like us - to successfully engage in companionship that is compatible with your passion for being active.  Whether you are in the midst of changing your lifestyle to one that is more active, or you are a seasoned triathlete, you can find your friends here!

 About Active Singles

We are Australia’s first online network site that has been specifically created for people who live an active life!  It is clear that most fit and active people live to seize the day.  It is not always convenient to frequent bars, and many of us are on life-style enhancing diets too so, sometimes, restaurants are out also.  These are some of the reasons that we decided to create this site.  We want to make it easy for people like you to find activity companions, from which you never know what may develop!

How do I Use Active Singles?

At this time, due to our promotional offer, Active Singles is free to join and use.  Members are permitted to browse other member’s profiles, when you wish to initiate contact with another, the Flirt option is used to notify that person that you are interested in contacting them - whether for friendship or otherwise, there is a range of notices to choose from to send.  An active-singles membership allows members to receive and send messages via our IMs (Instant Messages) facility and allows members to both send and receive emails to other members.

It’s really that simple!

Active Singles aims to meet the need for a site that has higher standards in terms of the content.  It is our intention to avoid highly sexual profiles by both professional and personal advertisers, without of course placing any judgment on personal lifestyles and preferences.  By doing so, we increase the chances of you being targeted by genuine advertisers operating with a high degree of integrity and product authenticity, rather than advertisers who are only chasing your money!

We hope that you will enjoy this site.  Should you have any questions or comments then please feel free to contact us at